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BCG Education Fund - Students Choice

HLearyThe BCG Education Fund, which was founded in 2000 is aimed on undergraduate's help. This is non-profital organisation helps every day to thousands students offering it's own specialists and knowledge in historic and society sphere. For the past year, more over 500 cause and effect essay topics were written together with BCG Education to universities students around the United States of America. Together with our professor Helen F.M, who is a leader in history of age XVIII, also has been won 12 awards in many competitions for the past 2017 year. For example NCPH (National Council on Public History) 2017 awards which recognise excellence in the diverse ways public historians apply their skills to the world around us, were given to one of the students, who wrote his dissertation with the professor Helen help. But BCG does not stop only on the history of the genealogy and goes much further. For the mast 17 years many studies were done, in the humanity and moral norms way.

JRussellAs an example, doctor Judy G. Russell participating actively in the law studies, to help to prove and cover feminist's rights all round the world. In the year 2016 Jugy G. Russell helped to own one of the main litigation between prince of persia Asalim Buhamed Ali Kalem and his third wife, which wanted to divorce in such difficult region, she was based. But this is not the end, and the roots of the BCG are expanding every year all around the world, helping not only the students to write their dissertations, thesises, coursework and educational proofs, but to help regular people, who are in struggle with the life and government.

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