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How to Become Certified

The first and most necessary step to becoming certified is to acquire the knowledge and skills that exemplify the standards articulated in Genealogy Standards. Adequate experience is absolutely essential to acquiring the necessary expertise. No specific program of education is required; however, as standards rise genealogists increasingly are finding that educational preparation via institutes and conferences is extremely helpful. Applicants also benefit from examining case studies developed by certified persons and published in national genealogical journals.

Certification results from evaluation of work samples in a portfolio submission. BCG requires different materials for each certification category. Three to four judges independently evaluate each application. If three judges recommend certification, you will be certified for a five-year period. You can perpetuate your certification with five-year renewal applications showing that you have kept your skills up to date.

  • To see a proposed timeline for the certification application process, click here.
  • To see the judging rubrics that will be used to evaluate your application, click here.
  • For a schedule of conferences where sample portfolios will be available for viewing, please see the Calendar of Events.

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